Benefits of using Portable Solar Generator

In the darkness, no one likes to stay alone ever. It is never part of the plan. For a powerless situation, it is necessary to plan beforehand. Due to storm or other kind of natural disaster, power out situation is generally faced. Darkness is generally noticed as a hardship in life without any doubt. During this situation, anxiety is felt quite naturally. Therefore, it is always better to keep a portable solar generator in the hand.

By searching in the market, you may conclude that Inergy Kodiak Solar generator is best equipment. Electrical operation can be started with this portable solar generator quite easily. Solar generator is generally offered especially for apartments, homes, motor home or cabin. For several appliances in the home, you can utilize this generator quite effectively. In case of a camping trip, it can be ideal solution also. From Image result for kodiak solar generatormere lights to power tools and laptops can be operated through this solar generator also. Due to presence of the solar panel, the equipment can be considered as self-sustaining. Requirement of an additional power of fuel may not be needed at all.

Solar generator from Inergy Kodiak is generally used as a system for power backup. Due to portable nature of the device, it can be easily transported from a place to another easily. Therefore, it can be considered as a complete system.

Reliable Power

According to many solar generator reviews the kodiak is the best. Instead of standard alternative, solar panels have been built in a customized fashion within the periphery of special workshops. Every parts of the portable solar generator are built with high quality material. Therefore, it can be found in a water proof and rust free mode. Copper cable is generally seen within the panel. Loss of energy may not be seen in the process at all. Therefore, it can be utilized in an optimum manner at any given occasion. In an extreme weather condition, life can be sustained in better manner with this device.

Equipment from Inergy Kodiak is certainly better than its rivals in the market like Humless and Goal Zero Yeti. Through Inergy Kodiak, it is possible to run a device with the power of 3000 watt quite easily. Performance of the device is well known for about a year. Therefore, complete guarantee can be seen due to innovative qualities of the device.

Environment Friendly

Most of campers use portable generator with gas and fuel. Therefore, its effect can be noticed on the environment. However, solar panel does not create noise to create energy. It is also considered as energy of carbon neutral nature. Therefore, portable solar generator can be utilized easily in a National Parks. Restrictions may not be seen on the occasion at all. Due to noise free environment friendly nature, it has been preferred by the people.

Pocket Friendly

Due to free nature of the energy source, you may not have to buy fuel at all in due course. Through mere sunlight, power tools and lights can be put on easily. However, it must be placed under the sunlight for required amount of time. Hidden costs may not be seen at all on the occasion.

EMP Protection


What need EMP protection for, are the electronics that will be vital to us in the aftermath of an emp, as we will find ourselves in a world that is very similar to what we had in the 18th century. We will no longer have any sources of electricity available to us. Even if we did, most of the electrically powered things would be ruined by emp.

So which items would be of good use to us in a post emp world? Since we would be left in the dark about the state of our local community, our country and the rest of the world, a handheld dynamo driven fm/am radio would be useful in order to listen for possible governmental broadcasts or other broadcasters who might still be operating.

A handheld set of radios would also come in handy to listen for and communicate with others who might still be in possession of functioning radio equipment. This will also be useful for coordination work in your local community later on.

To charge the batteries of your handheld radio, a portable solar powered battery charger would be very useful, so make sure to add this to your list of things that will need emp protection.

Ignition plugs for your chainsaw (if you have one) might also be good to protect from emp as a chainsaw can help you to produce firewood for cold winters. A chainsaw has relatively low fuel consumption, so it would be a help to you for at least a couple of years.

Some people also emp protect older diesel trucks by doing some minor adjustments to the wiring in the cars, but we will not be covering this topic here.

Building your own emp protection box is very easy and cheap! All you need is either a metal box or canister which provides a tight seal and a few rubber bags.

A metal container will absorb and disperse the magnetic currents, keeping them from entering the inside of the container. This concept is quite old and is also known as a faraday cage. A faraday cage is a tight metal structure which will prevent electrical currents from entering the inside of the cage, simply by transferring the currents around its surface.

If you already have a metal canister then you can test it simply by putting a radio inside it and putting on the lid. If the channel you are tuned into disappears then you have a container that is emp proof.

The next step is to prevent contact with the container and the things that you put in it. Remember that the charge from an emp will travel in the canister material, so any conductive material that is in contact with the canister will be influenced by the charge as well. A simple way to cut of this circuit is to put your electronic devices into two nonconductive rubber bags and seal them. This way the current in the container shell will not transfer into your electronics.

Another tip is to always keep a USB stick at hand, and keep copies of your digital pictures, homemovies etc on this. Keep this stick in your box and you won,´t be running the risk of losing one of the most important things in your life and you will never know if an EMP blast is just local, or if society might be able to bounce back up after some years in the dark.